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Polebank   Hall   was   originally   constructed   as   the   family   home of   the   Ashtons,   who   were   19 th    century   industrialists   and   mill owners.   It   was   converted   into   a   care   home   when   the   Hall   and surrounding   gardens   were   bequeathed   to   the   council.   The wealth   of   the   Ashtons   can   still   be   seen   in   the   wood   panelled hallways    and    the    sumptuous    landscaped    gardens    of    the surrounding   park.   These   features   provide   an   environment   that is almost unique amongst care homes in the south Manchester area. Polebank   Hall   has   been   a   part   of   the   Laurel   Bank   Care   group   since   1998   and   the   facilities   have   been   upgraded   to allow   us   to   deliver   care   of   the   highest   quality   to   our   residents.   There   are   several   communal   seating   areas   that   allow our residents to socialise, take part in activities or take in the views of the parks. Visitors are welcome to join in activities or take their relative on a walk through the parkland. At   Polebank   Hall   we   understand   that   each   of   our   residents   is   unique   and   we   take   care   to   ensure   that   each   resident   is treated   as   such,   both   personally   and   medically.   We   want   to   know   as   much   about   our   residents   as   possible   so   that     we   can   help   them   to   enjoy   as   full   and   independent   a   life   as   possible   while   they   are   in   our   care.   We   are   pleased   to care for people from all different backgrounds and faiths. We also provide the following on-site services for our residents that include: on site laundry, personal shopping and hair dressing We also facilitate treatment from other healthcare professionals including: District  nursing  service General  practitioner Audiologist Dietician Chiropodist
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“The   manager   and   staff   are   excellent.   They   always   respond   to   a   call   no   matter what   time   of   day   it   is.   There   is   always   a   welcoming   atmosphere   and   it   is   a   calm and peaceful place”. “Staff keep us informed and ring us if there is a problem”. “It’s very good here. The staff are always pleasant and helpful”. “They make sure my husband’s care and spiritual needs are met”.

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