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At    Laurel    Bank    Care    Home    we    have    been    providing Residential   Care   Services   for   Elderly   Residents   since   1990. Dating   from   Victorian   times,   Laurel   Bank   was   originally   the local    village    church    school    and    has    been    sympathetically remodelled   for   its   current   purpose   while   retaining   much   of the  building’s  charm.
Since   opening   more   than   twenty   years   ago   we   have   upgraded   and   augmented   our   facilities,   striving   to   ensure   the provision   of   care   of   the   highest   quality   in   a   homely   setting.   The   facilities   include   a   secure   and   safe   garden   area   so that   our   residents   can   enjoy   good   weather   as   well   as   a   conservatory   for   those   less   clement   days.   We   have   a   variety of communal seating areas so that residents can socialise as well as two separate dining rooms.
Now   a   specialist   dementia   care   facility,   we   understand   that   caring   for   those with   dementia   can   present   difficult   challenges   and   residents   are   encouraged   to participate   in   daily   environmental   activities.   These   are   augmented   with   day trips outside the care home and regular visits from entertainers. At   Laurel   Bank   we   provide   expert   care   tailored   to   meet   each   individual’s   needs and   we   also   make   sure   that   we   are   aware   of   the   resident’s   background   and general   interests   to   help   us   make   them   feel   as   comfortable   and   engaged   as possible.    Our    dedicated    staff    are    trained    to    provide    care,    support    and assistance   with   thoughtfulness   and   compassion   ensuring   the   continued   dignity of our residents at all times.
Offering   long   term,   short   term   or   respite   care   with   a   combination   of   medical   and   physical   attention   to   rehabilitate and/or   stabilize   the   individual   in   a   calming,   reassuring   environment.   We   can   also   provide   support   for   those   with   a disability   in   maintaining   and   promoting   independent   living.   We   are   able   to   offer   an   extensive   range   of   personal services   for   our   residents   that   include:   on   site   laundry,   personal   shopping   and   hair   dressing.   We   also   facilitate treatment from other healthcare professionals including: District  nursing  service General   practitioner Audiologist Dietician Chiropodist
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